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Education that is designed to cover all parts of a student's growth to help them succeed in this fast-changing world

We build strong partnerships with everyone involved - students, teachers, whānau & experts - to really meet each child's needs.

Learning that is real-life based, tailored to what students' need, and made to be interesting and thought-provoking.

Students and teachers work togther to create meaningful learning experiences that prepare students for now and what's to come.

Our curriculum is carefully thought out to be inclusive, challenging, and informative, helping students to deeply understand what they learn.

What we value: insights into learning at HPPS

When you walk through the doors into Hobsonville Point Primary school in Auckland's north-west, you enter a stimulating, inclusive learning environment.

You'll hear the buzz of active learners who are empowered so they can contribute confidentially and responsibly in our changing world.  It is a safe space where we welcome diversity, encourage creativity and build strong and capable children.



Each child possesses a unique set of learning styles, strengths, and needs, necessitating a flexible educational approach. We champion a vision that nurtures children into confident, connected lifelong learners. This vision is realised through a curriculum that not only emphasises academic knowledge but also fosters self-awareness and cultivates skills pertinent to both the present and future.

We dedicate ourselves to recognising and fostering every child's potential, transcending the conventional, uniform educational models. Our focus is on appreciating the distinct perspectives children bring and encouraging them to develop innovative thinking, practical skills, and abilities. By tailoring education to meet individual needs, we ensure that learning resonates with each student, empowering them to apply their knowledge practically.


We advocate for a balanced curriculum that reflects our vision while adhering to the New Zealand curriculum's principles, offering a comprehensive educational experience. This approach supports the holistic development of children, addressing their social, emotional, and broad academic needs as well as building a strong foundation for learning.

We invite parents and whānau to actively engage in their children's education at our school, recognizing their crucial role as primary educators. At HPP, collaboration is essential, allowing both students and teachers to learn from one another, and fostering a community where knowledge and skills are shared freely. Our approach prioritises learning that is tailored to each child's developmental stage, not just their age.

Our educational model focuses on engaging students' minds, hearts, and spirits, ensuring meaningful and purposeful learning. Our dedicated team promotes forward-thinking education, empowering students to influence their learning paths and develop lifelong learning skills. We emphasize in-depth understanding over superficial curriculum coverage, supported by contemporary research and an innovative learning environment that caters to individual needs.

Our goal is to equip students with the skills they need for a successful future, emphasizing the importance of independence and practical life skills. While we continue to prioritize core subjects like literacy and numeracy, our curriculum also focuses on helping students understand how they learn best. This approach is designed to support their ongoing success, through secondary education and beyond.

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