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Key Information

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Our online enrolment form is the first stage in enrolling your child.  Before you choose to proceed please make sure you check the latest zone information set by the Ministry of Education.  

If you are a prospective caregiver, you can book a tour. 

Enrolment Applications for 2024 will close Friday 27th October 2023

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Enrolment Form


HPPS Zone 🗾

To establish if you live in zone, simply use this search tool and follow the onscreen instructions.  It is that easy!  

Alternatively, you can:

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School Dates/Hours/Events 📆

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  • Term Dates

  • Teacher Only Days

  • School Hours

  • Free eLibrary Access for all HPPS students

  • Events Calendar

School Dates/Hours/Events


We value individuality and comfort so at school, wearing our school uniform is not compulsory.

However, on a school excursion, we require a school top to be worn for student safety and identity purposes . 

If you wish to try one on for size.  Please arrange through the school office.

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School Uniform Ordering


School Newsletter Subscription ⌨️

Our weekly newsletter is emailed by Daniel Birch on a Wednesday, during term time.  Our office team will subscribe caregiver/s for you however you may invite family to view it too.  To do this, the subscribe form is viewable in a browser. Individual classes and sports notices utilise Hero (see below for more information).

School Newsletter


Hero - Communication & Finance ✋🏼

Hero by LincEd is one place for school communications, student reporting and parent finance.  You will need to download the app (android or apple) onto your phone or you can access your account using a web browser.

All parents/caregivers need an account and your username is the email address you provided to school upon enrolment. 

To pay school fees, log into your Hero account then click on Finance which is under your child's photo.  An intermediary called Stripe is used for everyones financial safety & protection.  HPPS is a cashless school. 

Need help with the above?

Click here to see step by step instructions for downloading the app and setting up your account.

Also, we have a TECH Support website to assist you with navigating general technical issues.

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Hero Communication & Finance
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Reporting an Absence 🤒 

If your child is unwell, the most efficient way of informing us is using the 'report an Absence' button found on your Hero app/account.  Alternatively you can contact the school office.

If your child or someone in your household has covid please email this designated account.

Extended Absences for holiday or other reason (we have to follow MoE Guidelines) so please contact for more information.  We need to be notified in writing.

Please note any absence of 20 consecutive school days will impact a student's enrolment at HPPS.  Please speak to us.

Reporting an Absence


Ordering School Lunches 🥘 

We have a range of healthy and delicious school lunches on offer every day of the school week.  Follow the link below to find the menu and make an order.

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Order a School Lunch
Music Class


Community Notices 👀 
note: previously found in the school weekly newsletter


We enjoy being able to connect with and support local people and business partnerships.  Notices are updated regularly. 

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Opportunities at School

School Holiday Programmes

Outside of School Opportunities

Family Wellbeing Services

Community Notices
School Docs (Policies & Procedures)

School Docs

Caregiver Username: hobsonvillepoint
Password: onekiritea


Link to our school policies and procedures

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