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Te Ahurei Toi | Artefact 2024
Tuesday 26th March 5-7pm

Welcome to Te Ahurei Toi, our school's celebration of learning through the arts and beyond!


Last year, our inaugural festival set the stage and we witnessed firsthand the power of the arts to bring us together.  

This year, we are building on the experience and invite you to join us in a muti-sensory event, where the different learning spaces will each tell a story, all connected through our overarching theme of 'who we are.'

This year, the event is a tapestry of emotions, stories, and identities, woven through the universal language of art.  Children will be expressing their ideas through varied learning artefacts.

This year, the format will be more relaxed to allow better opportunities to experience the learning, enjoy food/drinks and performances given the huge numbers we are expecting.

We'll have live music and performances.  A stage and marquee will be set-up outside LC1. 


Food/drinks will be available throughout the night from 'food truck ally' (our front carpark) and all learning commons will be open so you can experience the artefacts.


Please be respectful of others, be kind and patient.  

The front carpark is reserved for food trucks.  Consider walking to the event given the big numbers we are expecting.  Our back carpark is staff only please.


Weather - this event will happen sunshine or rain.  If it is wet, we will have our performances in the gym and eat under covered areas such as outside the main reception.

Most of the foodtrucks accept eftpos but bring some physical cash just in case. 

Dietary requirements?  We think we have all allergies or preferences covered.  If worried, you can find most of the menus online. 

Also, we will have a school operated sausage sizzle running to cater for budgets.  Proceeds are going towards school camps.

Bring a picnic blanket.

We ask you to be respectful of our school grounds and put rubbish in bins.  We will have bins available near the foodtrucks and others by the marquee.

Toilets are located between the gym and main reception area.  Children's bathrooms will be open throughout the school.

Our evacuation point is on the hardcourts near the playground.

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Food Trucks
Learning Artefacts
Kapa Haka
Live Performances
Child Friendly DJ
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Food Trucks Available

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