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Art Class

Te Ahurei Toi | Arts Festival  6PM 27 March 

Welcome to Te Ahurei Toi, our school's celebration of learning through the arts! This festival is an opportunity for our students to express themselves creatively and showcase their unique identities through different modes of the arts. From visual arts to music, drama, dance, and more, each student has chosen the mode that best represents their personal journey.

We believe that learning is a celebration and that every student deserves an authentic audience to share their work with. That's why we've invited parents, teachers, and members of our whānau to join us for this special event. By sharing their art with others, our students will not only gain confidence and skills but also learn to appreciate and value the diverse perspectives of their peers.

Through Te Ahurei Toi, we hope to inspire a lifelong love of the arts and foster a culture of creativity and expression in our school. We believe that the arts are an essential part of every child's education, and we're proud to support our students as they discover and develop their artistic talents.

We invite you to join us for Te Ahurei Toi and celebrate our school diversity, learning and creativity!

Join us!

Kai Trucks
Student learning
Static culture displays
Interactive workshops
Pop-up stage


Order of Events

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Join us for some delicious kai! 😋

See below for menus

'How can we express our identity through the arts?'

Through this arts festival caregivers are invited as an authentic audience to celebrate your child's individual progress and learning journey in a unique and celebratory way.

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