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Discover the HPPS Difference

We take great pride in the exceptional ESOL classes offered at Hobsonville Point Primary School. Our distinguished ESOL program caters to students who are New Zealand-born, migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds, as well as international students. Our diverse learners, representing various cultures and language backgrounds, benefit from the expertise of highly qualified and experienced ESOL teachers and teacher-aides.

In our ESOL program, students, whether they are NZ-born or international, embark on a journey towards conversational competence (BICS) within the first year or two of learning a second language. However, the acquisition of academic language skills required for active engagement with the curriculum typically takes between five and seven years (CALP). Recognizing that each curriculum area possesses its own distinct language nuances, our dedicated support is tailored to help students in reading, writing, expressing ideas, and grasping the vocabulary in inquiry. 

Our specialized team acknowledges the spectrum of language needs, ranging from foundational to advanced academic language. This understanding is reflected in our flexible program delivery: students may be selectively withdrawn from their regular classes to participate in two, three, or four sessions of intensive language support per week, or they may choose to remain in their classes, receiving in-class support. 

ESOL lessons at Hobsonville Point Primary School comprehensively cover listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These lessons are thoughtfully crafted to align with classroom inquiries and language goals, incorporating authentic learning experiences through vocabulary, structure, grammar, and conversation. Our holistic approach ensures that students not only develop language proficiency but also seamlessly integrate their language skills into their overall academic experience. 


We facilitate cultural exchange through friendship groups, a linguistic club, and PINS workshops, providing students with opportunities to share and celebrate their diverse cultures within our school community. We recognise it is important that students have a strong connection to their heritage and first language. 

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