Learning Common 8

Nau Mai Hare Mai 

Learning Common 8 range in age from 8 to 10 years old. This is a wonderful transitional stage that bridges learning through play with developing the key competencies and skills they will need at the senior end of the school.  During this stage, children are also learning how to form and maintain social relationships with their peers. 


Our learning In LC8 prepares our children for the future and supports them to become curious, well-rounded members of society through our learner profile, the dispositions and the conceptual curriculum. Through our learner profile and associated dispositions, students learn skills to support their emotional and social development, and to understand the different ways in which they think and learn.  Our inquiry-based conceptual curriculum is a perfect context to connect our eight learning areas from the NZ Curriculum as well as skills and experiences into authentic learning opportunities.  


In LC8 we think learning should be fun, creative, messy and personalised to the beautifully diverse children we work alongside.  Our Learning Advisors are three highly trained professionals who have had experience in education, well-being and social-emotional development of children and young people. We are passionate and committed to our children's learning journey and look for ways to support, grow and develop the whole child. 


“He waka eke noa” 

We are all in this together