Learning Common 7



LC7 is a diverse common that strives to be a safe, loving and trusting learning environment where all children can experience success.  In LC7 we encourage children's independence by allowing them to plan in a way that meets their needs through conversations that help them to understand themselves.  They have the ability to prioritise key learning tasks, delve deeply into things that interest them and negotiate how, where and what they learn.  

Relationships between children, whanau and learning advisors are one of the most important values we hold as we believe learning happens after relationships are built. As learning advisors we consider knowing the child individually is of vital importance and catering for their emotional and physical wellbeing are our top priorities.

One of the highlights in LC7 is celebrating our children's dispositional and academic growth as we value children identifying their progress throughout the year. Providing a consistent learning environment as well as responding to needs as they arise is a key aspect in our day to day teaching to ensure we are meeting the needs of all learners.