Learning Common 5


LC5 is a collaborative learning environment that is filled with 82 vibrant, curious, fun, active and caring year 2’s and 3’s. In LC5 we are a large whanau who show respect by listening and supporting each other in our learning. Although we enjoy guided learning opportunities, we LOVE being challenged and empowered to take ownership of our learning through the ever-changing hands-on learning experiences in the common.

We get to experiment and take action by immersing ourselves in contextual learning that has meaning for us as unique individuals. We are encouraged to be adaptive because we are learning that change is constant and we need to have the skills to embrace this. Inspiring creativity in each other is something we achieve by sharing our learning and having constructive conversations with our friends. We all come from different parts of the world which are constantly celebrated through embracing the array of passions and interests of everyone in LC5.